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Our mission is to empower and elevate the physical and mental health of the children of Sonoma County by providing them with a new pair of athletic shoes, encouraging increased confidence, movement and joy.

The children of Sonoma County have experienced multiple traumatic, life-changing events over the past few years. Between fires, floods and a global pandemic, the mental and physical health of our children is of the utmost importance.

In addition, we are living in a time when childhood obesity rates are high and MOVEMENT is at an all-time low. A proper pair of athletic shoes is not only important for the growing body, but for the mind as well. When exchanging a pair of holey, worn down shoes for a nice, new pair we are also exchanging shame and embarrassment for confidence and pride. So every kid can get in the game!

-Myriah Volk, Shoes 4 Kidz Founder

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